Monday, April 8, 2013

To my girlie

It's after 10:30pm. The rest of the house is asleep. I was going to try and sleep but then I heard something. I heard you, my child, talking and laughing away. I went to check on you and we had a quiet talk about how we have to be quiet this late at night. You mentioned your friends and the noise in your head.

I know that sometimes it seems like Mama isn't paying attention. What you don't realize, my love, is that I rarely miss a step. Everything about you and your siblings fascinates me. Every challenge leaves me exhausted but proud. Why proud? Proud because we haven't hit one yet that we couldn't overcome together.

When people talk about you to me one of the things they mentioned us how quick you are to share your feelings. I'm very proud of you for that. Mama struggles there in that way but somehow I managed, with the help of therapists, to teach you that amazing skill. Oh how I envy that skill.

One day you will more than likely read this. You are very aware of all I do and you have a huge desire to learn more and discover all you can. I hope when you look back you aren't upset by what I shared with the world. Your story is my story too, love. If you are upset, I know we will talk it over and adjust as necessary because we can communicate so well.

You are quiet now. I'm hoping you are finding peace and the sweetest of dreams. Goodnight my pooh bear. Tomorrow we hit the ground running again.

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  1. That is beautiful! Someday you should make this into a book to share with the world. You have so much love to share!