Monday, March 4, 2013

Things that make you go hmmmm....

These last couple weeks have been one hell of a ride. I'm drowning in school work, dealing with a massively crazy car situation, and of course working with the kids. The kids are doing very well and for that I'm truly thankful.

Xander is exploding with new skills, better vocabulary, and better people skills. His sensory issues are still fairly serious but for the most part he's happy and that's really what I've been working towards with him. He's turning 3 next month and although he's still delayed in his skillset I'm really encouraged by what I've been seeing in him.

Peter is going through some angry days at school still and really doesn't like going to school anymore. Luckily he has an awesome teacher who is just as determined as we are to find out why. I have a sneaking suspicion that its the rigidity in thinking that we are seeing at play here.

Joelene has blossomed so much in the last couple of weeks and I really hope we continue with this upward trend. She's been so helpful around the house and the constant stealing and lying has definitely decreased. I think the collaborative problem solving technique is working with her.

Beth is doing okay. We are still in a holding pattern with her but she's really demonstrating amazing self control. We are still working on effective communication and this summer I plan to introduce gardening to her and see if getting her out in nature doing something she's shown interest in will help her center herself. I'm glad I didn't panic and medicate her a few months ago when it got really bad.

All in all I'm incredibly excited to see how much progress we've made with the kids without medication. I'm definitely not knocking medication. I know in some cases its very necessary but in our life so far we have made drastic parenting changes and have used therapy, social stories, patience, and lifestyle changes and so far this seems to be working. It may not always work, but I'll take the positives when I can get

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