Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tell me something good....

...or how about I tell you something good....

Peter waves and says hi! Functionally... like he really means it! Yay!

During his first eval with early intervention they told us he had receptive communication (his ability to understand us) at the level of a 5 month old. I was sure they were wrong... but struggled with them being the professionals and all.

But he understands. As he gains more confidence and starts exploring more sounds and gestures he's proving everyday that he really and truly understands!

I'm in love  <3 p="">

Monday, November 29, 2010

A picture blog!

I've been meaning to post...

No... seriously... I really have!

I even started drafts! There is so much to write about, to document, to share... but lets face it, I'm overwhelmed. Since my last post we've had Beth's graduation, Jolie's PT eval, Peter's accomplishments and setbacks, and Xander's huge accomplishment! A lot of this is great stuff, and I still find myself staring at the screen. It's not that I can't explain what happened... anyone with an active memory can. It's more like I can't find the emotion around what happened and I don't want my own blog to read like a TV owner's guide....lol.

Beth's karate graduation was a success and a disaster all at once. I'm so proud of my pookie... but she struggled hard. There were far more people there than we anticipated... so we didn't prepare her well. We brought all of the kids.... Peter wasn't having all those people around him. Nope. Not even close.  So Mommy and Daddy took up post outside (extremely large glass windows made it so we could keep Peter from the crowd and still see Beth! Yay for glass windows!)

It was just too much.... too many people, too much noise, and not at all prepared....

After several trips outside (where Mommy and Daddy were keeping Peter and Xander entertained).... she made the choice to try again! Grammy was taking pictures... and she kept looking over to make sure Grammy was still there.  =)

She made the choice to demonstrate with Mr. Victor... all by herself!!

She's exhausted. It's been a long, long, long night.

But she did it! She made it through the entire graduation (with several hundred trips outside)!!!

For inquiring minds who really want to know what the other two kiddos were up to while we were soothing Pookie and Bubba....

 Princess Peanut (Jillianne) sound asleep with Papa watching.....

Prince Monkey snuggled close in his carrier and watched the festivities.... from outside. He really wasn't interested in the noise either.

So... what have we learned?  I think we've learned that we're not all going to be able to go to karate graduations. Jolie is graduating to yellow belt on 12/17, and I think maybe Daddy and I will take her by ourselves.   =)