Friday, October 8, 2010

Lots to update!

I'll start with the meeting with Beth's teacher.

I believe Mrs. B has the best of intentions. I believe she genuinely wants what is best for my child and I really appreciate that. I also believe, however, that 5 weeks isn't long enough for her to know better than I do. She agreed to the meeting and she did listen... and she did come up with a fantastic idea of having Beth journal when she's upset. She admitted that Beth is emotional but also believes that it is normal for first graders. I agree with that statement... first grade is hard and some kids really do have a hard time adjusting to it.

Here's what I know...

I know she didn't feel that burn. How do I know this? I know this because I've lived with her for 6 years. I've seen her reactions to injuries. I once saw her have an outbreak of hives so badly the pedi had a hard time telling what they were and she never even flinched. I understand that she told the teacher it burned when she was questioned about it. She's not even the one who told the teacher... it was her classmates. Let's go over real fast what really happened....

She ran her hand over the pizza warmer. She felt a warm sensation. One of the lunch aids saw this happened and looked at her hand and told her she was burned. They sent her to the nurse's office and the nurse most likely made statements regarding how it must hurt, and how they should run it under cold water to make it hurt less. She went back to class where kids saw it and told her teacher that Beth got hurt. All of this resulted in Beth realizing it must hurt.

So no, she did not feel that burn and arguing with me about it is not going to change that fact.

I know she is overstimulated during school. I understand that the teacher doesn't see this. I absolutely get that she is perfectly behaved and shows no signs of overstimulation (that the teacher can pick up on) at school. But when she gets home she is overstimulated to the point of hurting herself. I double checked with a fantastic child psychologist... this is normal. She's storing up all of her anxiety, confusion, and otherwise negative emotions for home.

Yes, I think I found Beth a psychologist. I already really like this woman. Beth's initial appointment is 10/25. Yay for that!!

Peter's eval is Monday.... if we can get a diagnosis we will start ABA therapy through Early Intervention not long after that. We definitely need this diagnosis... he needs the therapy.

Jolie had her screening at the preschool today. No idea how that went... will know more next week.


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  1. It's awesome that you found a psychologist you like :), I know how hard it is for you to find a doctor you
    Hope Rhya gets better with journaling.