Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes it all falls into place.....

The appointment tonight with Beth's new psychologist was amazing. I really feel like we connected and were heard and we have found someone who wants to help our child. The entire hour was all of us talking. Beth demonstrated her stress and aggression when she was asked not to play with certain games. The psychologist feels that Beth fits the exact profile for Asperger's and really stressed that Beth needs a neuro-psych evaluation. We absolutely agree with her, but our bank account really doesn't agree. Neuro-psych evaluations are really not cheap and aren't covered by insurance in most cases. So... we're working on that. In the mean time she is going to start seeing Beth on a regular basis. She's going to focus on bio-feedback, stress and anxiety coping skills, and how to communicate her emotions. I like that option because I'm really not comfortable medicating her... not until we've exhausted all other options.

Jake has officially been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Beth's therapist said PDD-NOS is really the "we don't know exactly what it is yet" diagnosis. Peter's behavioral pediatrician is really great. I really like how straight-forward she is. She is even willing to see Beth as well. Peter is going to be starting ABA therapy through Early Intervention on November 3rd. It will start out as 10 hours a week and over time expand into 20-25 hours a week. I know this is going to be the very best thing for us.... but re-arranging life for everyone in the house to accommodate that is already causing tension.

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