Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Small Update

Peter is cuddled up on my bed against the wall and its so freaking cute. Sometimes I'm really irritated that I started him co-sleeping... and other times I'm insanely selfish and thankful that he's snuggling against me when he's sleeping. His eval is next month... finally.

His night terrors are awful. We've had a calm few nights but they kill me. I'd give anything to stop them. His frustration level is so high at this point that he's all out violent. He bites, hits, pushes, screams, slams his head repeatedly into doors, hardwood floors, tables... anything really. Watching it is so insanely hard. I won't discipline him for his tantrums or violence. Not now anyways. He needs an outlet for his frustration and he doesn't seem to understand pain, feel pain, or care. I don't care if it makes me a bad parent... he can beat me up all he needs to, for the time being.

Once his eval is done next month hopefully he can start getting ABA therapy through EI. The only part of this that really bothers me is that the woman in charge of ABA is the supervisor, Jill. She's the one that we believe had DSS called on us in the first place back when Beth was getting services.

Tomorrow I need to call the school system about my Joelene. I need to see if I can get her evaluated through the schools to see if she can get services. I have a 7 page document here done by a psychologist a few months ago basically stating that she needs help ASAP. Its too long to go into now but I'm going to so I can at least have it all documented in one place.

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