Friday, September 17, 2010

Peter and Beth

I've taken to just titling the posts with the kids' names I'm writing about. Lazy?



Last night I came home from work and Peter was launched into fit throwing mode. His daddy was in the process of changing a very messy diaper, which has been happening a lot more lately. I can't tell if it's his teeth, or whether it's something else, but its causing destruction to the poor child's diaper area. I talked to him and snuggled him while his daddy finished the diaper change... and then I snatched up my baby and rocked him close. He laid his head against my chest for the longest time just watching me with those big brown eyes. JD went downstairs to grab us something to eat and I snuggled my son. It was much needed time for both of us. I think Peter and I both had a rough day, and the snuggles were perfect.

 He fell asleep with his head against my chest, listening to my heartbeat. I wasn't ready to put him in his bed.... so I laid him down next to me on my bed.

You absolutely can't beat great snuggles....


I never actually finished my Beth story. I know it seems done, or long at but its not done. I just got off of the phone with the Special Education coordinator and she said she mailed out a new copy of the IEP 3 days ago to have signed but that the school should absolutely be using her current (apparently unsigned) IEP and not her kindergarten IEP. Hopefully this will be resolved real soon. The current IEP calls for speech pull outs which is supposed to help her learn how to interact and express herself, especially her feelings. This is imperative to her success in school because all of the disasters that happened last week happened because she couldn't express herself and couldn't understand how to interact in the situations she was placed in.

Last night while I was at work Beth and her daddy tackled her homework. Since I wasn't there I didn't see it happen personally but from what I hear it was quite the experience. She had to make a hat out of things around the house. Since JD does a lot of leather work it was really simple for him to work out a basic hat design out of leather. Getting her to sit still and cooperate to put it together was another story. It took them about 2 hours.

She's going to start having spelling tests soon and I'm completely worried about her anxiety level. Beth is very focused on being the best academically. She has a real issue with this and becomes entirely unwound when she feels others are performing better than she is. I haven't seen this happen at karate at all, but this behavior was present all last year and her teachers fed into it despite me practically begging them to help her learn that "Beth's best" is all we are after, not "overall best".

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