Thursday, April 12, 2012

Umm... yeah

So... did I mention that I was a week ahead of myself? This isn't vacation week. Try explaining that to a child with severe routine issues... lol. Luckily she loves school so she was relieved when I told her I was wrong.

We had a decent Easter... Beth and Peter were emotional messes by bedtime but that's pretty normal when it comes to holidays. We don't do big family functions so its really just the excitement and anticipation of the day plus the change in routine. They both work so hard to hold themselves together though.

I'm getting tubes put in my ears next Thursday so I can finally hear again and get rid of this nasty sinus crap that simply refuses to let me be. For whatever reason my ears refuse to drain and cause me all kinds of problems. Soooooooooo not fun.

Aside from that its been pretty humdrum around here. I'm crocheting still.. I need to do a picture blog soon!

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