Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Its been so long since I've had a chance to get back here. I've been reading blogs and wishing for the same way with words other people seem to have....

Anyways, what have we been up to? Oh, a ton....

Beth had her visit with the neurologist. It was definitely interesting and she chose to talk about the voices and noise in her head with the neurologist. This woman was wonderful. She asked all the right questions and was able to keep Beth engaged and comfortable talking. The doctor was, understandably, disgusted with the IEP set in place by the school system. She said there's no way that IEP acceptably supports Beth's advanced and unique needs. The report came out with some recommendations that the neuro would like to see put in place for Beth. Now comes the challenge of getting a meeting scheduled to go over that.

After the last meeting everyone was so intent on being helpful but that was short lived. We still have been unsuccessful at getting permission for our therapist to observe at the school. We have had no luck so far getting a meeting scheduled to go over the results of the neuro evaluation. Its one dead end after another with this school district.

On another note, we did have a sleep deprived EEG done on her. She hated it and was miserable. She sobbed and cried and begged me to take her home. She asked for her therapist and if one of my best friends hadn't been with me I would have called the entire thing off and taken my child home. In the end the EEG came back normal. I'm relieved that its normal but two weeks later I still hate myself for putting her through that.

We started a therapeutic playgroup once a week lead by her therapist. This seems to have made a huge difference in how our weekends go. She's been calmer and much more focused. We've had less breakdowns and an overall more put together child. It really is awful that we had to give up karate but this play group means she gets to go somewhere relatively small, is able to be herself (voices and all if it happens), and she gets to learn about herself, feelings, and directed social interactions. I really feel good about this.

Speaking of the school system.... I'm totally disgusted with the entire system. Peter came home with a report card showing that he's behind. No kidding he's behind. Whats worse is that this seems to have surprised them. Maybe they forgot that he's autistic. At least they've stopped sending home printouts of the pull ups website showing me how to potty train. They really seem to think parents are morons.

Jolie got chased, knocked down, and hit with sticks at recess yesterday. Apparently supervision is optional? She's fine, and she did seek out an adult and tell but my thought is that she shouldn't have had to. The adults should have seen it long before the sticks got involved. The boys weren't trying to hurt her, it was a game that got out of hand, but seriously....

Aside from all of that we've all been sick. This winter seems to have been insane for colds and ear infections. Xander has severe double ear infections right now. Miserable baby  =(. On a good note he's developing beautifully. He's talking up a storm, engaging and interacting, and developing right on target. He's such a happy kid, generally.

Yesterday I learned that I was accepted to the community college and into the degree program I chose. Financial aid paperwork is done, I'm just waiting for it to be reviewed. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.

Must go... I have a meeting with our therapist any minute now but I wanted to update   =)

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