Monday, November 14, 2011

Our history...

We have a long standing history with Elizabeth and her voices.

When she was 4 she had a full scale meltdown. Anyways, she came home from school hysterical. I can still see her curled up in her daddy's arms sobbing her little heart out. She kept saying, over and over again, that there were voices in her head and if she didn't get them out she'd never be able to talk again.

Later that year she had this grey Tshirt. Every time she wore the grey Tshirt she would say her name was Jamie. This is normal pretend play but at the time she didn't have any real pretend play skills. This passed eventually and I really didn't give it another thought. Both of these events prompted me to seek help for her but she was over 3 so it wasn't an Early Intervention thing and every place I tried said they didn't deal with children so young. The few people we were able to talk to all said it sounded like pediatric schizophrenia. We never followed up because eventually the behaviors seemed to fade.

Throughout all the time Beth engaged in fairly consistent self harm behaviors. She'd bite herself, hit herself, bang her head into walls and scratch herself. As she got older she started talking about throwing herself in a dumpster, shooting herself in the face, and running away. This past summer she started eating paper when stressed, pinching her brother and sister when she was stressed, being overall defiant.

This September she had a massive meltdown involving voices, hallucinations, and the whole works. It lasted for hours. She talked about it for weeks afterwards but with no sign of fear or stress.

The last few weeks here have been so intense with her voices/hallucinations. They are starting to appear daily.

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