Saturday, June 15, 2013


I like simple. Everyone likes things to be simple, right? So last year when B said "you need to make your own laundry soap" I laughed at her. That's not simple.... simple is going to the store and buying it already made! Simple is not thinking about how much it costs per load, the ingredients, and things like that. Right?

Today, I made my own laundry soap. And it was NOT simple. It wasn't really complicated though either. Truthfully I made it far more complicated than it needed to be. 

So I started with this :

Not all that turned into laundry soap, but you get the idea.

And I ended with this :

I do NOT want to hear one word about the size of my Fels Naptha, H

Between B and H I was told 2 cups of washing soda, 2 cups of Borax, 2 bars of Fels Naptha, and 1/2 cup of Oxi-Clean. Simple enough, right? Somehow I destroyed the Fels Naptha..... hopefully the next batch is MUCH easier.

That being said, it smells AWESOME! 

I was so impressed that I decided to make my own Febreeze. It called for 2 tbsp of baking soda and 1/8 cup of fabric softener and then fill the spray bottle up with water. Simple, right?

I guess so, if your spray bottle works. Mine doesn't seem to want to. But, it smells great! 

So folks, thats been my day so far. 

I was just about to hit post when I realized that the washer had stopped. So I went to check and my laundry smells clean and very fresh! Yay! The soap didn't seem to dissolve all of the way so I have it rinsing and spinning again... there are also two blankets in that load. 


  1. throw it all in the food processor again to try to get the fels a little smaller, it will dissolve better, especially if you're doing a cold wash! :-D

  2. Yep, when I remember, I process the shredded soap on it's own, to get it all powdery, then process it in batches with all my powders. Dr. Bonner is also fabulous and comes in more scents, and it's a harder bar (so LOUD to shred and takes longer) so it won't gum up :) So glad you (FINALLY) gave it a go!

  3. I did process the shredded soap on its own and I got a massive icky gummy mess that clumped up! That was the whole damn problem! It was almost perfect before I tried to use the processor! Why is my Fels Naptha so moist?? Where do I find Dr. Bonner, B?

  4. I used to do home made when we cloth diapered. Since we stopped a few months ago. I got lazy and have bought the store stuff. It's been a nice change for a while but this make me feel like I should go back to it LOL

  5. Sorry, Dr. Bronner's. The natural food store here has it, but I think I saw it in the organic cleaning aisle at Shaw's. Or you can get it on Amazon :)
    My guess with the Fels Naptha is that it was too new. Depending on how long I've had a bar sitting around, or where I bought it from, the bars vary in color and hardness. Since it's a true soap, it changes as it "cures". That's my guess anyhow! lol

    Ok, quick google gives me this: