Sunday, January 6, 2013


Its been longer than I would have liked since my last post. I've had a ton of ideas but forgot them by the time I made it back here. Then I'd sit here and draw a blank about what I wanted to write. A little bit like I'm doing now. I had great ideas as I was falling asleep last night and now I just don't have much of anything, but I promised myself I'd write today.

With me, that means I'm going to ramble. When I ramble the posts go all over the place but truthfully those are the ones I find most helpful and insightful to myself later on and as much as I love the people who read what I write in the end I actually do it for myself mostly. 

What's on my mind right now? I'm seriously considering the Galaxy III over the iPhone 5. I know, sounds expensive but with my upgrade plus the trade in value of my current phone either way it won't be expensive at all. And I can't upgrade until July, but I like to have a well thought out plan before the actual event takes place. The problem is this plan is giving me a headache because I can't decide. Which is exactly why I start now and don't wait until July. 

Oddly enough, its behaviors like that one that have caught my attention lately. I need 6 months to choose how to use my cell phone upgrade. I need a month's notice before school meetings. I need two semesters of my classes planned out at a time. This isn't for scheduling reasons, this is merely for emotional preparedness. I want to be social and be involved in social situations but social situations exhaust and frustrate me. I don't even try family functions anymore. One of the best things that has happened to me is "S" because she doesn't really give me an option about when I'm attending birthday parties. 

Why bother mentioning this? Because three of my children are the exact same way and two of them have some type of ASD. Now I'm not trying to say I have an ASD. At this point in my life it wouldn't matter if I did or didn't, but what I'm trying to say is, I understand better than I ever realized I did how these situations feel for them. Its been pretty enlightening.

Ummm what else?

Oh! I solved the baffling pasta issue with Peter. Peter would eat some kinds of pasta but not others even when prepared exactly the same, or some types he'd eat prepared one way he wouldn't touch prepared another. It turns out that it has to be totally smooth elbow pasta. If there are ridges or it is otherwise shaped he can't stand the feel of it on his tongue. I have no idea why but I find this fascinating. Home made macaroni and cheese simply isn't a tolerable option. It has to be boxed macaroni and cheese but the texture is so different that I don't know why I didn't see this earlier.

Lucretia McEvil thinks she has an evil soul. Or she did yesterday. Yesterday she was pretty much a jerk. To everyone who didn't give her exactly what she wanted when she wanted it. Then ALL the sudden.... she wasn't a jerk anymore. She has this awesome "flip of a switch" thing going on. So far today she's been great, though so I will definitely give her that!

Pooh Bear came home from school deathly ill on Friday. You know, I may be prone to some exaggeration.  Anyways, she was sick at school and I had to go get her. She complained a lot about her head hurting and there's been a massive stomach bug going around so I figured she had the bug. What we ended up dealing with seemed more like a migraine than a bug but we actually saw some real catatonic episodes and absolute disorganized thinking which was a bit scary, I won't lie. There has been no more catatonic episodes since Friday night so I believe the catatonia was brought on by the vomiting but its something we are absolutely keeping an eye on.

And that covers everyone for now! 

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  1. I like your ramblings.... I actually think that they make this blog post interesting!
    I am also due for a cell phone upgrade and I am definitely going for the iPhone5. No two ways about it! :)

  2. @Bright ~ Thanks so much! I love to ramble, and I'm glad you like it =). I'm pretty sure when push comes to shove I'm going iPhone 5 too. =)