Saturday, September 17, 2011

School has begun!

Pookie has started the 2nd grade!

And this time, Mommy is prepared. It's been a long while since I've updated so let me try and get it all down. We had a crazy summer. Pookie was entirely stressed most of the summer. She started eating paper, pinching herself, pinching and kicking Peanut and Bub, and went back to expressing desires to hurt herself.

We were at a total loss as to what to do so I talked to her pedi and the pedi put her on Prozac. I know, a tough choice. I struggled hard with the choice but I really feel like I made the right decision. In addition we added some home based therapy and ended up with a therapist that we all adore. She has since calmed down and is handling things so much better. She's adjusting and new social skills are emerging every day.

This past week she, for the first time, was able to pick up on non-verbal cues of nervousness coming from another child and apply an appropriate action to help with the nervousness. This happened at karate.... and although I missed it someone caught it on video. We now have video proof that the ability to pick up on non verbal cues and empathy are alive and well inside her. She's simply learning how to apply it.

Princess Peanut has started kindergarten... and she's loving it. She's going full day and sometimes comes home exhausted but has a blast! She already knows her letters so a lot of it is review so far, but she's loving it none the less.

Bub is turning 3 and entering the public school system soon. I'm really going to miss his ABA therapist. He's doing amazing.

Monkey is... well... Talking up a storm and walking everywhere!

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